Black River CrossFit

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Black River CrossFit



Custom design and developed website, with a variety of special bespoke code builds for some unique features the clients needed for their newly launched and rapidly growing CrossFit gym.

The design had to also show that a CrossFit gym is for all sexes, and not such a masculine heavy approach. I had to keep it strong and yet still fresh and have a sense of fun and softness to it. Was a fun project.


As a Reebok recognised CrossFit facility and Again Faster facility, we pride ourselves on providing you with a top quality training experience whether you are someone who has never done any exercise before or you are a top level athlete. We constantly encourage our coaches to improve their experience and knowledge. We are here to coach you – this means we make sure that you are moving towards being safe, efficient and effective in everything you do in the gym. We will never compromise movement integrity for the sake of lifting more weight or going faster.

We want to educate people about the choices they are making that are negatively affecting their ability to be fit and healthy and give them the tools to regain that fitness and health. In the modern world there is a misunderstanding about what one should and should not be doing in order to become fit and healthy. We want to change this for the members of Black River CrossFit and where we do not have the answer we will strive to associate with professionals who can educate our members about how to become the best they can be because we strongly believe that someone who is fit and healthy is a better person, father, mother, employee, colleague, friend and competitor.

We want people to realise that there is no short cut to becoming fit and healthy, it is not final destination that you suddenly arrive at but rather a never ending journey, a journey that is not easy but one that has significant rewards along the way. Like anything worthwhile in life, it comes with a lot of hard work but we plan to make the journey that much more enjoyable!


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