It’s been said that lockdown meant everyone felt the kind of isolation and lack of choice that too many people with dementia and carers experience every day. As we find our ‘new normals’, how many people will remember what that was like?

Even at its height, lockdown’s impact on our lives varied greatly, and the differences become more stark as restrictions lift. However in May, our Cure the Care System campaign reminded the wider population what decades of unfairness and underinvestment mean for people affected by dementia. With your help, we’ll be keeping social care on the government’s agenda until we get the change that’s needed.

Of course, we’re also here to share how we can create change in our own lives and communities today. The best place to see that is in people’s real-life experiences, and our magazine is full as ever with the inspiring voices and stories of people living with dementia, their carers, relatives and friends, and supporters who are campaigning and fundraising. Our poetry competition is also still open for entries – until 30 June for poems emailed to us.

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